On October 14 and 15, the managers of the BSMS podcast “Tirgziņu Tērzes” held 14 short talks on marketing and sales in a special format closed booth “Skarbnīca”.

🟡 ”Two active days at the Riga Comm’21 conference resulted in two special episodes. We talked a lot about e-commerce with the digital scene. We see that this industry is developing rapidly and will continue to grow at a similar pace for at least the next three years, so it is only natural that more and more solutions are already available that automate, facilitate and streamline processes and functions. ”@inta_b

🟡 ”Our guests have confirmed a number of trends that we have noticed over the last six months. Experts recommend reviewing business processes and finding interdisciplinary solutions. I hope that at the next conference we will have the opportunity to check whether they were also adopted among Latvian marketing and sales professionals. ”@fashionslogger

Listen now to two new episodes of Spotify!

Thanks for your cooperation @riga_comm and @iskulatvija

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