About us

b-studio is a creative content photo studio with a kitchen area. We create high-quality content: product photoshoots; video content creation; audio records and podcasts; social media administration; graphic design; rent of studio and premises with a kitchen area.

Our team implements projects with an integrated approach including all related additional services necessary for solving the problem of your content creation.

b-studio stands for boldness, our b’s include:

  • BRAND – we find unique properties of customers’ brands and help others perceive them
  • BOLD – we dare, we are bright and noticeable
  • BE – to always be in motion and in the process. To be authentic. To be ourselves
  • BSMS – we are part of bsms marketing agency

To find out more, please write us to bstudio@bsms.lv.

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Working hours:
Monday to Friday 9:00-18:00 or by prior arrangement